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We believe in a practice that brings a sense of expression, alignment, aliveness, and flow. We help our clients experience freedom, ease, and a feeling of support as they refine their offerings to the world.

Katya Sivak In professional terms, I am a teacher, therapist, and founder of Within Counselling Therapy Collective. My passion is guiding people to discover who they really are, beyond thoughts and judgments about themselves. My work is a unique combination of western therapeutic approaches, research based neuroscience infused therapy, wisdom from my Siberian ancestors, and intuitive healing... but most days I will just say that I am someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously (although I take my work seriously) and am deeply in love with the earth.

Beth Hall As the founder of Architect Your Life, I help impact leaders, founders, creatives and health practitioners get laser focused on what matters most to them in life, business, and the impact they bring to the world.

I have a linear, logical, yet creative mind, crossed with a deeply open and compassionate heart. I believe life's most uncertain, difficult, vulnerable, and resistance-filled moments are an opportunity and gift - guiding our way to the life and experiences we've ultimately been looking for.

In addition to being a therapeutic counsellor and coach, I have worked in tech startups, am a fine art photographer and painter, and have a long standing love of the sciences.

Katya Sivak  Founder of Within Counselling Therapy Collective

Katya Sivak Founder of Within Counselling Therapy Collective

Beth Hall  Founder of Architect Your Life

Beth Hall Founder of Architect Your Life


“If you are deliberately trying to create a future that feels safe, you will willfully ignore the future that is likely.”
Seth Godin